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Astronomy News At This Swiftly Tilting Planet


Astronomy and it’s associated news is fascinating to many individuals on our planet.  There are many types of news out there that deal with alternative stories, rare instances, meteorites, comets, etc..  Here, we have them all.  The best part is, we are constantly updating the site so we can bring you the freshest news from the heavens.

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Kepler Has Found the First Earth-Sized Exoplanet in a Habitable Zone!

Jason Major

It’s truly a “eureka” moment for Kepler scientists: the first rocky Earth-sized world has been found in a star’s habitable “Goldilocks” zone, the narrow belt where liquid water could readily exist on a planet’s surface without freezing solid or boiling away. And while it’s much too soon to tell if this really is a “twin […]

Ceres and Vesta Converge in Virgo, Watch it Happen With Just Binoculars

Bob King

Don’t let them pass you by. Right now and continuing through July, the biggest and brightest asteroids will be running on nearly parallel tracks in the constellation Virgo and so close together they’ll easily fit in the same binocular field of view. (…)Read the rest of Ceres and Vesta Converge in Virgo, Watch it Happen […]